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Our Divan Beds are the epitome of sophistication, designed to transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven of relaxation.

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Arlington premium ottoman

From: £350.00


From: £350.00

Knights Bridge Ottoman

From: £350.00

Linda’s premium ottoman

From: £350.00


From: £300.00

Simple Ottoman Divan

From: £0.00

Havana Ottoman Divan Bed

From: £0.00

Rio Ottoman Divan Bed

From: £0.00

Sydney Ottoman Divan Bed

From: £500.00


From: £260.00

Havana Ottoman Divan Bed

From: £0
The Havana Ottoman Divan Bed is a stylish and functional bed that offers both comfort and storage. This bed features ...

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Havana Ottoman Divan Bed

From: £0.00


From: £260.00

Cidra Wingback Divan Bed

From: £455.00

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Welcome to Bed Central , the premier destination for quality beds and mattresses in West Yorkshire. With a dedication to comfort, craftsmanship, and style, we take pride in providing our customers with an exceptional selection of sleep solutions tailored to their individual needs.

What Our Clients Say

Brady Craig

I was skeptical about spending so much money on a mattress and bedding, but I have to say it was worth every penny. The quality of the products is top-notch and I've noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep. If you're on the fence, I highly recommend giving this company a try.

Arno Lukas

I have been a customer of this company for years and I can honestly say that their bedding is the best I have ever owned. The quality is outstanding and the comfort is unmatched. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the best bedding available.

Anita wood

The bedding I received from this company is amazing. The quality is outstanding and the comfort is beyond anything I have experienced before. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best bedding available.

Phoebe Thompson

I love the bedding I purchased from this company. The quality is exceptional and it looks great in my bedroom. I would definitely recommend this bedding to anyone looking for something comfortable and stylish.

Jason Ferreira

I have never had such a comfortable and luxurious bedding set. This company's bedding is amazing and it has transformed the way I sleep.

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