Our Promises

Pricing base on value

We understand that price is a significant factor in your decision-making. To offer you unmatched value-for-money and for any sale to make appropriate business sense, we carefully consider the price at which we market our product.

We prefer not to take part in the race to the bottom as this is unsustainable from a business, quality or value perspective.

Promotions & discounts

We are confident in the product we sell and the value our customers receive at the quoted prices.

We don’t run promotions or offer discount codes. Furthermore, we don’t affiliate ourselves with any 3rd-party discount referral entities as we prefer to hand savings on to you instead.


Ordering anything online can be stressful, especially when purchased from a brand you immediately don’t recognise.

Your interest in our family business is valued, and one way we can demonstrate our appreciation is to be open and honest about every aspect of our dealings with you whether it relates to our products, prices or services.

Free Returns
If you are not satisfied with your order, you can rturn any order at no additional no costs
2 Man Delivery Team
Students and Elderly Discounts Available
30 Day Money Back Guarantee