Benefits of having plants in your bedroom

Benefits of having plants in your bedroom

Choosing the best plant for your bedroom will depend on your taste and preferences and what you are looking for in a plant. Plants color up the room and make it feel like a home whenever you’re around. Most plants have health benefits to the owner and other benefits like purifying the air in the room. Bedroom plants have the following benefits.

Bedroom plants improve the quality of air in the room. Dry air can cause illnesses such as sore throat and colds. Bedroom plants emit water vapor that helps in the purification of air and helps in the maintenance of clean and fresh air. When plants emit oxygen and humidity, they produce negative ions that enhance air purification. The negative ions remove any dust particles, bacteria, and allergens by attaching themselves to them. Some plants such as English ivy are good at getting rid of specific containments like reducing airborne mold by 75%

Bedroom plants increase the level of concentration. Studies show that plants have improved the concentration level of people. People who opt to work from their bedroom can set up a plant which helps in shifting attention to the plant from the computer screen. This has increased the level of productivity by 15%. It is said that work with computers the whole day performs better when there are plants nearby.

Plants help in relieving anxiety and stress. Nature is one of the best remedies for stress and anxiety. When people feel anxious, taking a walk along with the garden or the wounds makes them feel better than before. Having a plant in your bedroom will help you relax at the end of the day and throughout the night. Plants clean the air which helps clear your mind enabling you to deal with stress in a better way. Plants like Lavender have scents that lower blood pressure and enhanced sleep. The plant is found in many room sprays as air fresheners but having it as a plant is way better.

During winter, plants help in boosting the mood and keeps you positive. Some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) which highly occurs during winter. Some plants like Winter Jasmine are indoor plants that have a good scent and flowers during winter.  Goldfish plant has colorful orange flowers that brighten up the day and reminds you spring is almost here.

Bedroom plants help one sleep well. Sleep is very crucial to our health and the amount and quality of sleep we get every day is important. Plants in your bedroom purify the air which helps you sleep smoothly during the night. The plants further release scents that help in relaxation. Plants such as snake plants and aloe Vera emit oxygen at night which improves your breathing system.

Taking care of plants is therapeutic. With bedroom plants, you’ll need to take care of them to enhance their growth. People suffering from mental illness are advised to carry out indoor gardening. Taking care of plants makes people feel good and relaxed.People with bedroom plants experience the best sleep as compared to those without. Having a plant in the bedroom enhances the décor in it and makes it look more attractive. Plants placed on the shelves make the room look brighter than without plants.



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