Bed Size Guide

Bed Size Guide

Bed Central opens the door to a stunning selection of luxury beds at prices you can afford. Our carefully selected luxury beds offer a wide range of styling interests & moods. Our staff, backed by 25 years experience of in importing, wholesaling and recently manufacturing mattresses & beds, should know a thing or two about getting the very best from your budget. And we do with the products we offer and the exceptional outsourcing connections we have there is no bed we can not locate. Even on our outsourced products, we offer quality control and a paid-for guarantee if that’s what you would like if you buy from Bed Central be sure we will have done our homework on any bed or mattress we sell to our customers. Feel free to contact Bed Central if you have any unanswered questions after reading our Bed Guide.

Small Single Bed

W75 x L190cm

Single Bed

W90 x L190cm

Small Double Bed

W120 x L190cm

Double Bed

W135 x L190cm

King size Bed

W150 x L200cm

Super King size Bed

W180 x L200cm

All our divans and ottomans come in standard uk sizes

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