6 Reasons why you should sleep naked

6 Reasons why you should sleep naked

Sleep is among the most essential activities of a human being. Lack of sleep or enough sleep can cause health complications or fatigue as you carry on with the rest of the day. Most people experience problems as they try to fall asleep. These days there are ways such as meditation apps that will slowly make you fall asleep, sleep masks and black out curtains and noise machines. Recent studies have shown that sleeping naked is another natural remedy for falling asleep fast. Here are some of benefits of sleeping naked that will give you an enjoyable night.

  1. Falling asleep quickly and have a deep sleep.

Sleeping naked will help in controlling your body temperature. A sleeping environment should have a moderate temperature to help you fall asleep fast. High and low temperatures are among the reasons why you face issues with falling asleep. Sleeping naked offers that moderate temperature conducive for good sleep. Falling asleep fast will get you deeper sleep which is proper for your health.

  1. Improved sleep quality

One causes of discomfort while sleeping is sweating, which will disrupt your sleep as you turn and toss. At times you can be forced to wake up and change to lighter clothes or get some air. This disruption lowers your sleep quality thus you wake up feeling tired or feeling sleepy. Sleeping naked gets rid of the clothes that lead to sweating all night. Good thing about sleeping naked is once you catch some sleep, you will wake up next day for work as scheduled. This will give you the best quality sleep you require. A night without disruptions!

  1. Promotes vaginal health for ladies

Sleeping with underwear and clothes on, puts people with vagina at risk of getting yeast infections. This is caused by hormonal imbalance, increased moisture and change in Ph. Sleeping with clothes on can accelerate this issues which may lead to yeast infection. It is recommended by gynecologist to let the vagina breathe and get fresh air.

  1. Improves relationship with your partner.

Once you start sleeping naked, you become comfortable with your skin and start developing self-love. Self-love improves the sexual satisfaction experience between partners. Sleeping naked skin-to-skin releases the love hormone, oxytocin which helps in boosting emotional feelings and attraction between partners. Most people who feel love through physical touch are advised to sleep naked with their partners.

  1. Good for skin

Sleeping in clothes at night may lead to sweating which can cause inflammations on the skin. Some clothes cause irritation which lead to itching and lashes start developing on the skin. Sleeping naked will prevent all this and further allows your skin and pores breath well allowing a good glowing skin. Some tight clothes cause back aches and joint aches which cause discomfort while sleeping.

  1. Male fertility.

Men who sleep in tight boxers may experience a lower sperm count as compared to those who sleep in loose boxers. Sleeping with none helps in increasing the sperm count as an ideal temperature is created for sperm production and storage.



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